Good morning Jan

I just wanted to thank you again for everything regarding the estate sale for my mom. The volume of items and personal nature of it all left me and my family so overwhelmed. I could not have gotten through this process without you! While I vowed to stay away during the sale I was so pleased to see all of the cars and people shopping when I “ just happened” to run by. Your business structure is more than fair and you and your staff were so friendly and professional. If I were ever in this situation again I would most definitely use your services.



Dear Jan:

I can never thank you and your wonderful team enough for your organization and efficiency in holding the recent sale at my home. The emotional relief knowing such great and experienced people were taking care of everything was invaluable to me.

Your team was delightful to meet and they took such good care of my home and things, that when you all left the house was neat and clean. I have had lots of very positive feedback from people who attended.

Thank you a million times.
Clarice Ruth



Good Morning Jan,

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the Estate Sale you and your wonderful crew did for us. Before contacting you we were debating if we should do our own estate sale. Boy did we dodge a bullet on that one!! We had no idea the time, effort and, most importantly, the expertise required to put on a well planned and successful estate sale!! You must have had 10+ people at our house for three days just preparing all the items for sale. Because of your extensive client network and advanced advertising, we had people lining up at least 3 hours before the start of the sale. This happened both days of our sales. The sale was VERY successful and exceeded our expectations in every regard. We had a lot of heavy furniture that sold and all of it was sold and moved out of the house without any damage to the house.

Jan, you and your people, were a joy to work with. Everybody was always up, friendly and helpful. Bottom-line, there is NO way we could have done this without you and your folks and would recommend you and your company to anyone.

Thanks again for all your efforts and help.
Tom & Nezy Belcher



Jan Standard simply did an amazing job organizing and running the recent sale for my late friend. As a newly minted Executor I had numerous unfamiliar responsibilities and Jan's help was invaluable. She and her team organized, advertised, and conducted the estate sale with compassion, care and thoughtfulness. There was no way I could have undertaken such a task - I am so glad I found Jan!

Thom, Simi Valley, CA




I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with our estate sale.  Having never been through one before I had no idea what to expect, but I can't imagine it going any better that what you, Anthony and your incredible team were able to do for us.

I hope for your sake that every family you work with doesn't have as much stuff as we did, but somehow you were still able to organize it all and set everything up in such beautiful arrangements - you literally made our house look like a department store!

But of course none of that would have mattered if the people didn't show up - and you must have the largest Rolodex in town.  When my neighbor told me that people arrived hours ahead of time to wait in line, well, I knew at that point things were going to work out.

And more important than any of that, I can't thank you enough for simply getting me through what was obviously a very difficult, emotional experience.  I would have been happy to go through my life without ever having an estate sale, but having you there to gently walk me through it was really what mattered the most.

Thanks again.  Hope everyone is well.



Dear Jan,

I'm sorry I have let several months go by without contacting you since my sales. It has taken a bit of time to slow down from those hectic months!

The best decision I ever made was when I asked you to do my estate sale! You and your staff are efficient, professional and compassionate.  You know a lot about a lot of things.  You all seemed to understand that this wasn't just stuff, it was a lifetime of family memories.  That, alone, is remarkable.

We were working under a limited time frame but you made everything run smoothly.  You explained the process from start to finish and followed that plan so I knew what was going on.  You provided alternate scenarios for specific items you knew were sell able. You also protected my house and belongings that were not for sale. When the sale was finished you, again, supplied options to help with my clean up.

You were happy to answer all my questions and in the end I was happy to take all your advice! The result was more than I ever would have expected.

And that was only the beginning!!!!

I had to close my equipment rental business and liquidate a huge and varied inventory.  I was at my wits end because the economy seemed so limiting. Even though you had done a sale for me already, it took me several months to realize your company was the answer.  I knew you specialized in residential sales but I had forgotten you did commercial as well. 

Your crew worked tirelessly for days to prepare and stage the whole facility! We were selling everything from cement mixers to chafing dishes. Yet, you had people interested in both when the sale started! You have a remarkable range of contacts and did advertising that brought in potential buyers from all over the state!

Every worker was efficient, honest and patient. In just a few days you managed the impossible by liquidating 90% of my inventory without a hitch. You recognized my 35 years experience in the business and we made some price decisions based on that; but, you were prepared and knowledgeable when we had our first meeting.  All your recommendations were right on the mark.  I can't begin to explain the relief you provided by taking on this enormous and overwhelming job.

Thank you Jan.

Kim McGhie



August 20, 2010

To: Jan Standard

From: Michael Nielsen

Just a note to express my appreciation for your management of my Estate Sale earlier this month. It was well arranged and your crew was very professional.

Like most people I had no idea of the “real” (market) value of the items I was selling. However, after doing some homework on the internet and local newspapers on current, similar items for sale I agree with your evaluations and am quite pleased with the monetary results.

Thanks again and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to friends or others thinking of relocating.

Warmest wished,

Michael Nielsen
19585 Pine Valley Ave
Porter Ranch, CA